09-10-11 February 2024
1st Summit of
Hypnosis & NLP
Puerto Rico

Take charge of your personal development and elevate your NLP and Hypnosis abilities to a new higher level.

  • Effectively communicate on multiple levels: Content, Language
  • Make use of advanced tools like Metaphors, Anchors
  • Explore: Beliefs, Values, Resources
  • Double induction
  • Conversational change techniques and conversational hypnosis
  • Hidden hypnosis
  • Inspire and create a direction.

Help your clients overcome limits and get through difficulties

  • Phobias
  • Bad habits
  • Compulsions
  • Unnecessary fears
  • Release of Frustrations
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Insomnia

Help your clients get to where they truly want to be

  • Change and create GREAT States of Mind
  • Deconstruct bad strategies and create smarter ones
  • Removal of All Negativity
  • Release of Negative Emotions
  • Increase your confidence in All Areas of Life
  • Improve your Mood
  • Renewed Relationships, Saved Marriages
  • Become better at Parenting
  • Create and Take more Opportunities
  • Achieve More Success
  • Get to be More Disciplined, More Motivated

Learn and experience Advanced hypnosis phenomena

  • Time lines: multiple time lines, changing the perception of time, etc.
  • Self-hypnosis
  • Time distortion: slow time, fast time and no time.
  • Drug of Choice
  • Trance Identification

…plus, get the latest development in the field from Dr. Richard Bandler, Creative Genius behind the creation of NLP

When: 2024 – February 09 and 10 from 10 am to 5 pm and February 11 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Where: Doubletree by Hilton San Juan,

105 de Diego Avenue,

San Juan, PR 00911

What to Expect

We are thrilled to invite you to the 1st Summit of NLP and Hypnosis, which promises to be an incredible gathering of minds in the beautiful city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This year, we have a unique blend of in-person and live-streamed presentations that will enrich your learning experience and provide you with valuable insights in the field of NLP and Hypnosis.

In-Person Presentations

Join us in person to witness captivating presentations by two esteemed speakers. Daniel Velasco, a passionate Advanced Hypnosis and NLP Specialist, will be sharing his practical experience implementing programs for executives and organizations. Prepare to be inspired as he delves into the latest advancements and techniques in his field.

Juan Antonio Perez, a renowned expert in Human Behavior and a distinguished figure in the field of Hypnosis and NLP, will grace our stage to share his wealth of knowledge and expertise. His engaging presentations are renowned for their insightful perspectives and thought-provoking ideas. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from his years of experience and gain valuable insights that can revolutionize your own practice.

Live-Streamed Training

In addition to our in-person presentations, we have three exceptional speakers who will be providing their training sessions via live stream. Dr. Richard Bandler, known worldwide as the Co-creator of NLP™, Kathleen La Valle, Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE®, and John La Valle, President of The Society of NLP™ are renowned experts in the field of NLP. Their impactful presentations will be streamed live and supported in person by Licensed Master Trainers of NLP™, ensuring that our audience receives the same invaluable content and learning experience as if the speakers were on site.

Prepare to be captivated as these experts dive deep into their respective topics, sharing practical techniques, insightful perspectives, and proven strategies. Their live-streamed sessions will be seamlessly integrated into the conference, allowing you to benefit from their expertise and engage with them through interactive sessions.

We are excited to welcome you to this exceptional Summit, where you will gain valuable knowledge, forge new connections, and be inspired. Join us in San Juan, Puerto Rico, for an unforgettable event that will empower and elevate your professional journey.

Dr. Richard Bandler

Virtual Training

Richard Bandler, co-developer of NLP, also known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conducts NLP seminars, workshops, and training seminars internationally. He has continually developed new human change technologies for the past 50 years. Richard Bandler’s seminars & workshops include Licensed Practitioner of NLP™, Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP™, Neuro-Hypnotic Repatterning®, Design Human Engineering®, Persuasion Engineering®, Personal Enhancement™, Charisma Enhancement®, Hypnosis, and others!

He has authored numerous books on the subject of NLP including “Get the Life You Want”, “Richard Bandler’s Guide to TRANCE-formation” and “The Secrets of Being Happy, The Technology of Hope, Health, and Harmony”, among many others.

Kathleen La Valle

Virtual Training

Kathleen S. La Valle is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ and DHE® and has been conducting training and development seminars for 30+ years. She specializes in Customer Service, Intuitive Processing, Sales & Influence, and Education. She is also the chief developer for the group and has developed programs for the banking industry, new home development companies, research & development organizations, and pharmaceutical companies to name a few.

With regards to NLP training, her specialty is being able to take what seems to be complex and make it simple. She loves to teach language patterns and help people explore new possibilities with language. Kathleen’s energetic and inventive training style, allows her to create new and innovative ideas that are practical, yet effective. During NLP workshops, she displays her love of training, care, and concern for her students while teaching clients to venture beyond their limitations. Kathleen also maintains a publishing house for books, manuals, CD’s and DVDs, as well as room wall charts.

John La Valle

Virtual Training

John J. La Valle is a Licensed Master Trainer of NLP™ & DHE®*, who has been in the training & development field for over forty years and who has brought NLP and DHE® into the business arena for the past almost 35 years. He is the co-author, with Richard Bandler, of Persuasion Engineering®. John is also president of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, The American Society of Training & Development, and is certified with The National Values Center.

In addition to Practitioner & Master Practitioner programs, John specializes in Sales & Influence, manufacturing performance, team building, management and leadership skills, Design Human Engineering®* and NeuroHypnotic Repatterning®.

His extensive background in socio-technical systems design, employee involvement, and participative management systems has earned him a reputation for getting results in Fortune 100 companies.

John’s training style enables him to get right to the core of the issues. He is known for his ability to take seemingly complex issues and break them down into easily solvable opportunities for organizations and individuals.

John is the President of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ and manages the international system of Licensed Trainers internationally, as well as co-trains with Dr. Richard Bandler at most of his events both in the US and internationally.

Daniel Velasco

Live Training

Daniel Velasco is a passionate Advanced Hypnosis and NLP Specialist, certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic ProgrammingÔ. He had his first contact with NLP more than 20 years ago with John Grinder one of the co-creators of NLP and he knew this technology was something powerful, so he decided to meet the Creative Genius and co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Blandler and that was when he decided he want to devote his life to it.

Daniel has explored all different fields of NLP, Design Human Engineering, Neuro-hypnotic Re-patterning, Persuasion Engineering for two decades now, by studying directly with Dr. Bandler and John La Valle, President of the Society of NLP.

Working in different companies Daniel has brought NLP by training and implementing programs to acquire persuasion, communication and managing abilities to Directors and executives to develop organizations, which is his Master Degree.

Daniel continues to take NLP to different parts of the world: United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, India, north and south America. Dr. Bandler knows it so well, that he entrusted Daniel to translate some of his books into Spanish to “keep the essence of NLP”

Daniel has been acknowledged as Licensed Master Trainers by Dr. Richard Bandler himself and that is why he is even more committed to continue spreading NLP to the benefit of people: Better people, better results.

Juan Antonio Perez

Live Training

Juan Antonio Perez is a renowned expert in Human Behavior, holding a PhD in the field. He was fortunate to have trained under the esteemed Dr. Richard Bandler, who is known worldwide as the Co-creator of NLP. Juan Antonio’s passion for NLP led him to found the first-ever NLP hospital service in South America at the Perez de Leon hospital in Venezuela. His work there helped over 5000 patients, earning him immense recognition in the field of NLP.

Juan Antonio is the President of the Freeing Minds Foundation, which is dedicated to helping individuals free themselves from limiting beliefs and achieve their full potential. He has been invited to speak at national and international conferences on various topics related to human behavior and NLP. Juan Antonio is also an accomplished author, having written «Assertive Parents» and «Personality.»

Juan Antonio’s knowledge and expertise in NLP are recognized globally, and he has become one of Dr. Bandler’s licensed Master trainers in the US. His passion for helping people overcome their limitations and achieve their full potential is evident in all that he does, and he continues to inspire and transform the lives of people across the world.


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